A Root To Fruit Banquet AT FARE HEALTHY


We’re getting extremely excited at Peardrop because Fare Healthy is just around the corner and this year we get to cater a Supper Club with some of our favourite chef’s in the industry.

A Root to Fruit Banquet will be held on Saturday 4th February , with chefs Tom Hunt, Gill Meller, Justin Horne, Tess Ward and team Peardrop, pledging to create a meal that uses zero-packaging to create a zero waste dining experience.

The four course menu will be entirely organic, vegetarian, agro-ecological, 100% British and most importantly, will use ingredients in their entirety, from their roots to their stalks, demonstrating how much of our food is thrown away.

The menu will feature Peardrop canapés, including pickled quince and Norfolk Binham Blue on toast with borage. Gill Meller, Justine Horne and Tom Hunt will create a trio of tasting courses, topped off with a delicious dessert of spiced pumpkin ice cream, chocolate soil and hazelnut, crafted by the lovely Tess Ward.

This event is not to be missed! Tickets are on sale now at £50 per person. For more information visit the Fare Healthy website.

Rose Lloyd Owen