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Well who’d have thought we’d be starting off the new year with a debate around vegan sausage rolls?!

Greggs seem to have had the same great idea as us! It is encouraging that such a well-known brand like Greggs are providing a meat free alternative to their best-selling sausage rolls, just in time for Veganuary. Recently everyone has become so much more conscious about the effects of the meat and dairy industry on the environment so it’s great that meat free alternatives are becoming so much more readily available. But the Greggs vegan sausage roll is stuffed with a Quorn meat subsitute. Did you know that Quorn is made from micro fungus and that only certain Quorn products are vegan? So Greggs have actually commissioned a new “bespoke” strain of lab-produced fungus with which to fill their rolls!  Whilst Quorn in many ways is a fantastic meat substitute and apparently Greggs’ vegan sausage roll is totally delicious, our vegan sausage has no fake meat. It’s packed full of flavour from squash, tomatoes, apple and red onion, it comes with our wild beetroot ketchup and it’s even sold in plastic free packaging!


Our vegan sausage roll is available to buy in all Planet Organics now!

Rose Lloyd OwenComment