RECIPES I wish I'd written


Recently I returned to the Emakoko Lodge in Kenya to teach their chefs some new dishes. With four practised chefs and sometimes only 8 guests to feed, we got through a looootta recipes in a week. Sunshine, giraffes and cooking - my heaven.

My friends are always asking me for ideas of what to cook: be it dinner with their in-laws, healthy lunch for the girls or just supper for the hub. In fact, even I, who dreams up menus all day long, sometimes draw a blank when I have friends coming round. Despite being bombarded with recipes and delicious pics on our feeds, sometimes our imaginations are just weary.

Well, in Kenya, since we finished my menu plan on Day 2, my imagination had to go into overdrive! I would start usually with my produce and work backwards. And instead of creating hundreds of my own recipes, naturally I deferred to the power of google. Now, more than I ever, I feel like I have a brilliant tried and tested artillery of other peoples’ recipes and it’s time to share them …

Next time you’re hosting, look no further!


Screenshot 2019-03-27 15.36.04.png

BY: the marvellous Anna Jones (so good she served it at her own wedding)

GOOD FOR: summer lunches or a vegetarian main course option

SERVE WITH: charred tenderstem broccoli, baby roast potatoes & aioli

CHANGE IT UP: once you’ve got this one down, try it with root veg. Though they may need a bit of extra sugar withoutAnna’s slow roasted tomatoes, which are delicious little natural bombs of sugar.


Sticky Vietnamese pork meatballs with rice noodles and pickled vegetables

BY: Delicious magazine

GOOD FOR: hosting after work. (Most of it can be prepped the night before.)

SERVE WITH: Rainbow asian slaw & Palomas (tequila & grapefruit cocktails)



BY: Ottolenghi, from his ridiculously delicious book “Sweet”.

GOOD FOR: eating. a lot.

CHANGE IT UP: I love the spiced pineapple with ice cream or with Greek yoghurt and granola for breakfast.

Chickpea pancakes with lime-pickled paneer


BY: Indian goddess Meera Sodha

GOOD FOR: healthy supper in front of the TV

SERVE WITH: roast potatoes or green salad with avocado and a yoghurt dressing

CHANGE IT UP: we used halloumi instead of paneer and made our own lime pickle (strictly uneccessary but why wouldn’t you with all those incredible African limes?)

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