Peardrop's Favourite Foodie Females

In celebration of International Women’s Day today, here’s Peardrop’s pick of the women heading up some of the most innovative brands in the industry (please note this list is not exhaustive!)….


Cassandra Stavrou

Cassandra started Propercorn from her family home armed with a spray gun and a cement mixer. Since launching in October 2011, Propercorn now sells more than 3 million packs to hungry snackers every month, and we hosted our Plastic Pledge Supper Club last year at their London office, normally home to their team of forty. Cassandra is widely credited with triggering a revolution in the snacking market: it’s no coincidence that the growth of Propercorn mirrors a huge rise in the sales of popcorn, 169% at last reckoning.


Karen Lynch
Belu Water

Minimising plastic is an initiative very close to our hearts, and when we provide bottled water, we often look to Belu in order to ensure we’re working as sustainably as we can. Belu was set up in 2004, but by 2008 it was struggling with debts close to £2 million. Enter Karen. By 2011, she was CEO of Belu (founder Reed Paget stepped down so she could take on the role). As a result, Belu has turned its fortunes around and donated over £3 million to WaterAid in the process.


Jenny Costa
Rubies in the Rubble

Much like our recipes for cauliflower leaf bread and our house kimchi, Jenny has been putting food that was destined for the bin back on your plate in an innovative and delicious ways. It was a visit to New Covent Garden and seeing the huge piles of perfectly edible fruit and veg being discarded which inspired Jenny to start experimenting in the kitchen. Her range of gourmet condiments has saved the equivalent of 13 double decker buses of food from being wasted. Jenny’s partner Alica was a speaker at our Salvaged Supper Club back in 2016.


Sophi Tranchell

In light of today’s swanky online job boards and personalised emails, it seems mad that it was a tiny newspaper ad that led Sophi to the top job at Divine chocolate. Back in 1999, Divine had only been running for a year having been set up by the Kuapa Kokoo collective of cocoa farmers and the team behind Cafedirect coffee. Despite suffering badly in the financial crisis, under Sophi’s leadership Divine managed to avoid making any cuts to their team, and now the business is valued at over £12 million. Sophi remains an passionate advocate for equal opportunities, and wants to see gender equality throughout the food supply chain.


Rose Lloyd-Owen

This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of our very own Rose! She founded Peardrop using money she had saved from making Christmas jumpers for friends, and started cooking from her home kitchen. Fast forward six years, and… well, if you haven’t already, take a look around our website to see how far we’ve come. Champion of zero-waste, plastic free, planet friendly food, Rose’s creativity shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

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