10 Food Podcasts You Need in Your Life

I love listening to podcasts; I catch snippets whenever I can and I am constantly searching for new series to listen to. Here is a list of recommendations of the 10 food podcasts you need to listen to now:


 1)    Jamie’s Ministry of Food 

I always think Jamie Oliver is the ultimate go-to and his podcast is no different. Each episode is 5-10 minutes long and comes with a little video of Jamie whipping up one of his many incredible recipes, showing just how quick and easy it is to cook healthy and delicious meals.

2)    Spilled Milk

In Spilled Milk, American comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton start on a food related topic and the conversation flows from there. They are an easy listening, dynamic duo and although it’s not the most foodie, it does bring some the burning questions to the fore like what exactly are cheesy puffs?!

3)    The Food Medic Podcast

A slightly more serious tone than Spilled Milk but with the recent studies saying that 11 million people a year are dying due to poor diet, this is a really informative podcast. Dr. Hazel Wallace chats to leading experts, helping wade through all the jargon to inform listeners about how we can lead healthier lives through our diet.

4)    BBC’s The Food Chain

BBC podcasts are always such an easy listen and after a half hour episode, you feel so well informed. This series examines exactly what it takes to get the food from the farm to your plate.   

5)    Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

A very well known series, being one of the most downloaded podcasts of 2018, it is an open and honest insight into the realities of starting a food business. With a host of guests from business, health and nutrition backgrounds, the podcast discusses physical and mental health as well as small business stories.

6)    Burnt Toast

Every episode of Burnt Toast is a handy 25-30 minutes, perfect for the morning commute. Each episode (all 3 seasons worth of them!) explores a different aspect of food culture and community and chats to some influential people in the food industry along the way.

7)    The Travelling Foodcast

This podcast is in its infancy, only starting at the end of 2018. However, each episode is well put together and super interesting. Jana and Silvia are travelling around Europe, speaking to and learning all about the people who are changing the food chain in Europe.

8)    Christoper Kimball’s Milk Street

Christopher Kimball researches and discusses so many different areas of the food industry, looking into “Fake Food” (hello horsemeat) to discussing a recent trip to Siberia where he learnt about the culture around food there along with the limited food supply.

9)     Bon Appetit Foodcast

With episodes airing every Wednesday, there is a lot to listen to with this podcast. They basically interview anyone and everyone who have anything cool to say about food. They look at various restaurants, chat to the world’s best chefs and discuss the cooking techniques you should try at home.

10) The Food Programme

Another BBC entry, this one discusses hard hitting topics around the food industry such as who are the new generation shaking up the food system, would you let a robot cook you dinner and should I boycott palm oil? (Come back to us on that one.)

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