Yoga Brunch


With spring finally just a few tantalising weeks away, it is now more important than ever not to let the resolve to get fitter get swept away with the last frost of winter. It’s time to mentally and physically regroup, and collectively strengthen the commitment to eat green, live clean and feel amazing.

On Saturday 11 April I am teaming up with my good friend and Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher Mischa Varmuza to host a yoga brunch at Coate Studios, Hackney.

Mischa will provide the perfect spiritual lift to the morning with a 90 minute full spectrum yoga session, which includes meditation, pranayama and asana with yin and deep relaxation. The immersive session aims to challenge, uplift and restore with a strong, flowing yet steady practice of creative sequencing and a deep focus on breath, alingnment and sensation. That's a serious session!


Meanwhile I probably won't be quite so zen down in the kitchen whipping up a 3 course raw vegan brunch.

Raw Vegan?!? I hear you ... from the outside it seems quite extreme.  Raw veganism, let's be honest, is still seen as a little weird and obsessive.  Not to mention limiting.  But the tide is turning: we've seen a huge increase in the popularity of vegan eating in the last year and I want to show that raw veganisim can be delicious and surprising.  It is a celebration of the creative ways of preparing and eating the best of the season’s plant-based produce.  Neither of us are even full time vegetarians, but we both strongly believe that incorporating this way of eating into your diet can reap huge rewards for your health as well as easing the over-whelming pressure on global dairy and meat resources.


The Mischa Varmuza & Peardrop Yoga Brunch costs £38 per person, including a 90 minute yoga session and 3 course raw vegan brunch

Tickets can be purchased here: