Laura Bailey for LK Bennett


LK-Bennett-Laura-Bailey-2-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_bLK-bennett_glamour_10dec14_pr_b_810x540LK-Bennett-Laura-Bailey-1-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_bThe Peardrop team were surrounded by models last night at the glamorous launch of Laura Bailey's new Amalfi inspired collection for LK Bennett - a team of hot esperdrille clad barmen served negronis and sprizzato to a fashionable crowd. 26F69CA000000578-0-image-m-70_1427245454267-1

Italian cooking is close to my heart having lived a year in Rome so it was especially cool to be given the opportunity to create with an Amalfi themed menu and research their cuisine.

IMG_7911I experimented with traditional pastas from the region, such as Scialatielli ai frutti di mare and Ndunderi which is a gnocchi made with ricotta and parmesan (no potato) and is the oldest pasta in the world!  Traditionally the Ndunderi is served with cream and lemon but we decided to serve it on a spoon with rocket pesto and crispy sage.

In the UK we only really cook gnocchi with startchy potatoes which can make it quite heavy. But in Italy there are so many variations depending on what region you're in. For example, in Tuscany the malfatti gnocchi get's its name from being "poorly made" out of flour, ricotta and spinach, whereas in the Veneto they traditionally make gnocchi di pane with breadcrumbs.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 14.35.29


The night was going so smoothly: crispy pizza dough, flowing negronis and a colourful turn out ... until the gnocchi outdid us ... no smoke but loud fire alarm.  Loud fire alarm throughout Knightsbridge.  Chaos ensued whilst we ran around with tea towels trying to muffle the noise.  But thank god the party was none the wiser and it swung on.  Thank you to LK Bennett and Polar Black Events for being so cool to work with.