Dine, Dance, Donate



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THANK YOU all so much for donating, dining & dancing with us on the 13th November at our supper club in Clapton.  We raised nearly £3000 for refugees in Calais and Syria!!  Lisa and I are so chuffed and most of all wanted to say thank you to our amazing team - Brooklyn, Lewis, Mimes, Skye, Niall, Tali, Koy, Florian and Hugh who all worked for free or at a reduced rate.  Love you guys!!

The room was filled with 130 generous people who brought shoes for the refugees and listened attentively to Lisa's inspiring speech about her trip to Calais (read her blog post, "Exploring the Jungle").

I'm so pleased to be donating the other half of the money to The Syrian Supper Club who have raised £170,000 in the last three years for aid in Syria, a country in the midst of devastation.  The charity funds a team of doctors in Aleppo and helps Syrians stay in Syria.  I can't thank you all for helping even just a tiny bit.

Watch this space for more supper clubs in 2016!

(Oh, AND we were on on page 3 of Time Out - nice one thank you!!)







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