From Russia with Love


We had so much fun organising our mega first party from top to bottom: from the flowers to the furniture, to the dance floor, decoration & DJ.  Our client Katie, the most gorgeous Russian / American, was turning 40, so we adorned 20th Century Theatre with festoon lights, Russian throws, babushkas, hurricane lanterns & birch trees with fairy lights.  Scarlet & Violet did amazing huge flower displays and thank you Kasimira for this crazy bar!

Good work team, you were all amazing.

I learnt how to make Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) and Blintzes (pancakes) but the most exciting discovery were these doughnuts which we served with yoghurt and berry compote.  They're so much easier than regular doughnuts and I honestly can't recommend them enough.  They were the bomb!  And were gobbled up in literally 2 seconds flat ... thank you Olga for this recipe.