Cocobanoffee Tartlets


For the sweet toothed, banoffee pie is the ultimate dessert.  Layers of biscuit, butter, cream, butter, caramel have had me wondering for ages if a healthier version might be possible... Coconut is the key.  I know this pudding is damn good – forgive my Nigella moment – cos I couldn’t stop eating the base mixture on its way to the tart case.  Make extra.


Sugar free, gluten & wheat free.  For a dairy free version, substitute greek yoghurt for Coyo.

Makes 2 x tartlets 10cm diameter

For the base:

50g toasted flaked coconut

50g macadamias (pecans, hazelnuts, almonds will do…)

50g dates

2 tsps of honey or sweet freedom

For the caramel:

250ml coconut milk

3 dessertspoons date syrup (or maple syrup)

A pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla essence


1 banana

Greek yoghurt

Raw cacao powder

More toasted coconut


Make the caramel by bringing all the ingredients to the boil and boiling on a medium heat, stirring occasionally, until thicker and darker.  About 5 minutes.  Refrigerate.

Blend all the base ingredients until crumbly and push down into the tart case.  If you have space, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes but make sure they’re properly defrosted for serving.  They should be firm but not hard.



To assemble, slice the bananas and lay them across the base.  Carefully lift the base and bananas out of its tart case onto a plate.  Pour the caramel over the banana – don’t feel like you have to use it all, the yoghurt will push it over the edge so go sparingly.  Then gently spoon on the Greek yoghurt into the middle of the carmel.  With the prongs of a small fork, make swirly patterns from the border of the yoghurt into the caramel.

Sprinkle with raw cacao and crumbled toasted coconuts.