Beetroot Speltotto


Beet-Speltotto-website-edit YUM YUM YUM!  This is so much better (and lighter) than normal risotto!

Serves 4


500ml Beetroot Juice (I drink a lot of Beet It which you can buy in most supermarkets)

200g Pearled spelt, rinsed

150ml Port, sweet sherry or madeira

400ml Vegetable stock

40g Parmesan, grated

1 tbsp creme fraiche

Knob of butter


Rapeseed oil


Olive oil


1. Pour half the beetroot juice into a saucepan and reduce to a half.

2. Heat a dash of rapeseed oil in a wide-bottomed sauce pan and add the spelt.

3.  Toast lightly for a few mins over a medium heat.

4.  Add the port (or whatever alcohol) and reduce until it's almost gone.

5. Add the rest of the beetroot juice and simmer the spelt gently for 10 mins.

6. Then add one ladle of stock at a time to the risotto until it is tender.

7.  Add the reduced beetroot juice and cook until nearly gone.

8. To serve, add the parmesan, creme fraiche and a knob of butter.  And salt if needed.

9. Quickly blitz the dill and olive oil in the blender with a pinch of salt.

10. Garnish the risotto with creme fraiche and spoon the dill oil around the edges.

Horseradish is also delicious in the creme fraiche garnish, as is goats curd or feta.