Food Cycle: The Breadline Challenge


Something I've always felt strongly  is food waste. Given the amount of waste the catering industry produces, I decided to go on the hunt for a charity that concerns themselves with the problem.  FoodCycle is an amazing, innovative charity that uses surplus food to feed people at risk of food poverty.


Not only do they rescue unwanted food for those who need it, but they also ensure that the meals provided are nutritious and healthy. The charity calls upon volunteers to help in the kitchen while gathering perfectly edible food from various large food suppliers that would only end up in the bin. It's so sad to think of the amount of good food that gets thrown away on a daily basis while there are people unable to scramble  enough change together for a decent meal.

Food CycleThe charity prides itself on the fact that the guests eat more fruit and vegetables after coming to the FoodCycle kitchens and it also teaches them the value of a nutritional diet. The kitchens also encourage community spirit, enabling people to meet others over a healthy warm meal.  And the charity trains volunteers to help them improve their skills and find employment.  On so many levels they're doing amazing things, so I want to play my part to help.

My support starts next week when I will be taking part in their annual Breadline Challenge. The idea behind it is to live on £2.10 a day,to  raise money and try and understand what it's like to survive on so little. It's amazing how spoilt we are when you think of the spices, condiments and exotic ingredients lining our cupboards.   This is going to be a real challenge in the Peardrop kitchen.  I'll have to buy everything I eat or drink from scratch.  Particularly worried how to fit basics such as tea, milk and olive oil into the budget ...  and technically no tasting my food as I cook.... oh gaaaaddd.

Anyway I'm relishing the challenge so please sponsor me!  Gonna be hungry!

Watch this space for food diary and recipes ...