Courgetti with Superfood pesto and crispy bacon


Everyone seems to be talking about courgetti at the moment (or Zoodles, Zucchini - noodles to the Americans), but I can't believe how many of my friends still haven't tried it.  Staying at my Dad's in Norfolk last weekend, my friends and I treated ourselves to a big old lunch at The Gunton Arms or the best pub in the world as I like to call it.  Arriving back home in the dark, worn out and overindulged, I remembered I said I'd cook him and some of his friends supper.

Another meal was not a particularly exciting prospect ... so Courgetti was the answer.  Light, simple to knock up, filling enough for hungry and totally delicious, I grabbed the spiraliser.

Upon discovering me churning out long spirals of courgettes with a strange white gadget, and being the old fashioned bloke he is, my Dad looked a bit depressed.  His dreams of a roast or a steak dashed.  And my mates were definitely dubious too.

Well, no need to tell you what a triumph it was, you've just got to try it yourself.  I'm writing this post because too many of them have asked me for the recipe - even my Dad!!

Courgetti with Superfood pesto and crispy bacon

Serves 6

1.5 courgettes per person

10 rashers of smoked streaky bacon

Superfood Pesto:

A magimix full of curly kale

A large handful of basil or parsley

1 tsp spirulina

60-80g parmesan

100g of pine nuts (or cashews but toast them well first as it adds more flavour)

A squeeze of lemon

1 tsp honey or agave

1 tsp salt

About 100ml good quality olive oil

1. Blend all the pesto ingredients together.  I like to add the nuts last and pulse (blend in short sharp bursts) so they stay chunky.  These quantities are a rough guide - you can keep on adding this and that until it tastes how you want it.

2. Make the courgette spaghetti with a spiraliser (or a julienne peeler but you don't get such cool long spirals)

3. Cut up your bacon into chunks and fry and until crispy.

4. You can saute, boil or steam your courgetti - or simply warm your pesto and stir through courgetti to soften.  I like to steam it in a steamer it though as the courgettes produce a lot of water.  Steam about 3 minutes until soft but al dente and DRAIN WELL.  Push it down into the colander to ensure you're getting all the water out.

5. Stir in the bacon and its fat and the pesto.  Top with grated parmesan, shredded basil and more pine nuts if you want.