Je ne Vinaigrette Rien


288_2_1384434331_lrg5 tips for a banging dressing

★ 1st PLACE VINEGAR.  The word vinegar comes from the French Vin Aigre – 'Sour Wine'.  Always blend your vinegar with your mustard/sugar/garlic/onions/herbs properly first, before adding olive oil.  Cider Vinegar is by far the best for you as it’s a natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains endless vitamins and minerals.

★ BLEND IT IN.  Dressing is much better when it’s whizzed up in a blender, the air creates a better emulsification.  Keep the machine on as your pour the oil in slowly.

★ AVOID SHOP BOUGHT DRESSINGS.  Ever wondered why commercial dressings don’t separate?  When we make a dressing at home, the oil is only temporarily suspended in the vinegar, unlike in a stable emulsion such as mayonnaise, where the egg yolk binds it together.  Temporary emulsions, such as salad dressing, can be stabilised with all sorts of nasty chemicals, preservatives and starches.

★ STEP AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE.  Oil thickens when cold and won’t emulsify so well.  It’s not necessary to store dressing in the fridge, it’ll lose its texture.

★ MIX IT UP.  Don’t just reach straight for olive oil and vinegar.  Substitute oil with tahini or miso paste, and silken tofu, coconut milk, ripe avocado or yoghurt for a creamier dressing. Try citrus fruits, rice wine vinegar or even booze such as sherry and wine instead of vinegar.