Exciting times for Peardrop.  I received an email a few weeks ago from a clothing brand called Hunter Gather, who were looking for some interesting new food for their cafe.  On closer inspection, it turns out that Hunter Gather is a pretty damn cool clothing line, and their cafe, in the corner of their spacious Marylebone store, is a seriously nice place to hang out and grab some lunch.



Hunter Gather was launched in December 2012 by hot stylist David Bradshaw and Chris Bailey, previously Creative Director of Jigsaw Menswear and Uth.  The clothes are elegant, tailored and edgy and the brand is growing from strength to strength.


So as of today, Peardrop is extremely proud to announce our salads and sandwiches are on the counter!  Alongside Pearl and Groove's beautilicous gluten free creations nonetheless!  Apparently her Banoffee pie cakes sold out in half an hour flat.  Let's hope the same things are in store for today's baguette - mozzarella marinated in chilli and mint with fig, prosciutto and rocket. YUM!

If you work in town and you eat lunch - there's no excuse, get yourself down to Hunter Gather ASAPIO!