The Syrian Supper Club


Post by Alice Murray You say marmalade, we say MarmalAid!

Thick cut or thin? Set or runny? Oranges or lemons? photo 2Everyone has their own preferences, their own traditions, but on the 13th November marmalade is a uniting force, bringing everyone together for a night of food and frolics in aid of Syria and its people.


Since 2012, a dedicated quartet of friends has raised £100,000 for the plight in Syria - primarily through their wonderful Syrian Supper Clubs.

"The Hands up Foundation" was recently registered as a recognised UK charity so their fundraising continues with oranges blazing. As the fighting continues, statistics look increasingly bleak: 3.2 million registered refugees (half of whom are children), 6.5 million internally displaced and a total of 10.8 million in need of assistance; so the need for aid, continued support and global awareness has never been greater.


The MarmalAid appeal aims to raise £30k to support two prosthetic limb clinics, run by UK charity Syria Relief.  These clinics have been in place since 2013 and produce and fit around 60 prosthetics (with no charge) per month. They have provided 615 so far, saving over 300 victims from a future of dependency

It is also supporting Medecins Sans Frontieres, who are on the front line of providing aid in and around Syria.

At the heart of the fundraising lies a key ingredient: food. The Syrian Supper Clubs have united people in London and all over the world over the past couple of years and on this occasion, Peardrop is proud to have put their hands up and will take over the kitchen for the MarmalAid party. Marmalade fans, marmalade foes, a celebration is in order to officially launch "The Hands Up Foundation," so we hope to see as many of you as possible supporting this brilliant cause and reveling in everything orange.


MarmalAid - Thursday 13 November - Islington Metalworks - 7pm-1am