What's My Name?


Now what would I call this little business? On the Pulse – too healthy

Little Gem – too twee

Blue Sky Deliveries - too political

Sugarsnap – too sugary

Box Fresh – am I selling trainers or salads?

Al Desko – taken

Dishy Deliveries - hmm

Delicious Deliveries – a mouthful, and not in a good way ..

Watercress, Mint Green, Basil and Rose

What about having an AND in there …

Alba and Rye

Radish and Rye

Frustrated and Annoyed!

I began to realise that a name’s one thing you can’t take advice on … everyone’s got a different vision.  Usually a strong one.  I stopped asking people’s opinions.

What about having DROP in there … Teardrop, Raindrop (depressing)

Then, on the plane to Morocco, Marshy disinterestedly looked up from his book -


Pear. Fect.