Meat Free Week 2015



“In the current global system of production, we fund the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and drench the American plains with agrichemicals to grow soybeans and cereals for animal feed, ship them around the world to fatten our livestock, truck the animals to a slaughterhouse and kill them, chop them into pieces, wrap them in plastic and keep them in the fridge for several days. Then we throw a huge proportion of them in the bin – as if their lives, and all the resources expended in raising them, were of no significance.”


I could never be a vegetarian. Imagine living without juicy pink duck breasts and their crispy skin or buttery slow roasted pork belly, or a tender beef fillet wrapped in golden puff pastry … but meat certainly isn’t an every day staple for many people and I reckon it should be treated as more of a luxury again.

Every Thursday we deliver lunch to The Agency, a lovely literary agency in Holland Park and one of our first clients. The brief is to deliver a hearty, meat based main, a couple of salads and a vegetarian option.  I love the free rein that gives us – experimenting with new ingredients, reinventing leftovers or simply coming up with something exciting from the fridge. But often I realise, in the thrall of a new creation, that I’ve left the meat out of the meal.

But does the Moroccan filo pie have any need for lamb?! And the Butternut Spelt lasagna doesn’t need beef to have a good time!

My point is that meat is not necessarily a necessary part of our diet. Eating less is not only cheaper and leaner but it’s also better for our planet.


Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest


Cattle ranching in Brazil: unhappy cows

There has been a growing awareness in recent years of how meat farming has been destroying ecosystems.  Cattle and soy farming in Brazil has razed thousands of miles of rainforest.  And the huge demand for meat worldwide makes it impossible to rear the animals humanely.  If we help cut down the demand, we will help support ethical farmers.url-1 

Globally meat production is set to double by 2020

On the 23rd - 25th March 2015, at Peardrop we're proudly going Veggie to support Meat Free Week, an amazing campaign founded by Lainie Bracher and Melissa Hobbs in Australia in 2013.  Their resolve to raise awareness of the planet's meat consumption has been so successful that this year they're launching here in UK.



So proud to have my Beetroot Speltotto and my Sweet Potato Gnocci recipes up there with the great and the good!



Sign up, go meat free and donate to their three charity partners here!