I cannot stand food waste, it seems so crazy to me that we can be swimming in excess food in this country, chucking food carelessly in the bin within seconds of its Use By date, while one third of our population is starving.  And, I hate to admit, the world of catering and restaurants are largely to blame.  Greater quantities of food turnover creates greater quantities of waste.  Our salads are deliberately made to order so none are wasted, but of course food at parties doesn't always get eaten.  It upsets me so much to over cater in a world where food is such a precious commodity for so many.

These thoughts were quietly depressing me one early morning as I was juicing for an event.  Repeatedly scooping all the carrot and spinach mulch out of the juicer into the bin was too much, what could I turn this into??  A few days later, I came across a Californian Tara Duggan, who has written a book called "Root to Stalk" - move over "Nose to Tail" - you are sooo over. Sweetbreads meet Beet tops!

It really made me think about how much perfectly good food we all chuck out.  So with a bit of googling and experimenting, I came up with this juicer pulp pizza.

Here it is featured in The Saturday Telegraph Magazine!!