Nothing matters more to us than the quality, taste and presentation of the food we serve. We are constantly innovating and striving to bring you beautiful, creative food that is surprising in its flavours, colours & context. 

Healthy eating

At Peardrop, our attitude to healthy eating is based on a love of natural, unprocessed and top quality ingredients. We believe that a healthy diet is not about the latest fad, but a long term, sustainable and balanced way of life.


Mass produced meat & the global farming system has put the quality of our food into great doubt. Peardrop’s meat, fish & dairy is sustainably sourced, ethical, free range and wherever possible organic.

As well as reducing air miles, emissions and supporting our farmers, food starts to lose its taste & nutritional value as soon as it’s out of the earth, which is why we try and source everything as locally as we can.


We believe wholeheartedly in reducing food waste. A third of all food produced worldwide is now wasted – that’s 1.3 billion tonnes a year. And 2.6 million children under five starve each year, unfathomable in a world of such plenty. We have a zero food waste policy – freezing, pickling, preserving, dehydrating, donating and reinventing our leftovers is a big part of our ethos.


Peardrop sample lunch menu


The Peardrop Salad

Poached pear, pancetta, grated celeriac, sourdough croutons, frissée lettuce, gorgonzola, candied hazelnuts and a pink poppy seed dressing

Cauliflower Coronation

with chickpeas, spinach, natural yoghurt, coconut cream,
turmeric, fresh mango, toasted almonds & coriander


Grilled Baby Gem Salad

With roast chicken, spring onions, peas, house blushed
tomatoes, pine nuts & avocado

Asian Beef Cheek Stew

with sake, star anise, prunes & brown rice

Carrot & Flaxseed Pizzas

with crispy pancetta, ricotta, griddled courgettes, pesto & lemon zest

Beetroot, Lentil & Date Burgers

with cheddar, sour cream & sunflower seed pesto

Teff Wraps

with smoked salmon, dill, cashew cream cheese,
beetroot, roasted red onions & rocket


Peardrop sample dinner menu


Stuffed Squid

Sea bream, tomato confit, basil oil, savoy cabbage with chorizo

Moroccan Pigeon

Wood pigeon breasts, pigeon pastillas,
pomegranate molasses, saffron aioli


Chocolate Fondant

Tartlets with orange mousse & candied hazelnuts

Sticky Toffee Cake

Spiced olive oil cake with salted caramel, rose & pistachio


West Coast Mackerel

Three beet salad, rhubarb cream, caper
berries & hazelnuts

Brown Butter Scallops

Parmesan & wild garlic mousse


Slices of Beef Fillet

Horseradish pommes purées, beetroot
ketchup, crispy sage